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Portray me real,

My colour is red, I cannot be blue.

Accept me natural,

I may be painful but that is not the case always.

Welcome me as positive.

I need not be suppressed or controlled by hormonal drugs.

Appreciate me as sign of sound health.

I get rattled by intake of drugs unnecessarily,

Desire me as your normal bodily function.

I am not a horror to make you struggle,

Be Contend with me in my natural manner.

Don’t over think to delay or stop me.

I have been borne gracefully for ages without modern sanitary products.

Learn to cherish my onset in today’s world of comfortable living.

Don’t intrude into usual cycle of your body.

My vitality does not hinder your routine life.

I don’t act as an obstacle in normal diet, activities, intimate relations and all.

I expect a time, though not very soon, with no taboos around me.

I too want to be a participant in religious ceremonies and rituals, without any myths.

Try to Spread a word of knowledge about me to common masses, irrespective of the gender/

I am at present a cause of concern across the globe for a class of society, with poor economic means and awareness.

I regenerate your physical and mental health.

I just want each one sound and healthy.


Celebrate menstruation, celebrate sound health.

Allow others to feel positive about their bodily mechanism.

Stop treating those who menstruate as Untouchables.

No more restrictions and shame, just respect and acceptance.

Portray me ‘red’.

My colour is red, I cannot be blue.

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SHARMA, BHUMIKA. “EXHORTATION OF PERIODS”. IJOHMN (International Journal online of Humanities), [S.l.], v. 4, n. 3, p. 2, june 2018. ISSN 2395-5155. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 15 nov. 2018.