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Elusive Moments

  • Aju Mukhopadhyay


Nights would end before clocks could strike four 

And we’re ready to make a score;

Light of dawn greeted us with blessings

But Nature played hide and seek

With clouds and rains, haze and lightning. 

Every moment seemed better than before;

 As we’re ready to score

Clouds blocked the sunrays

Falling on the majestic peaks

Leaving us eagerly to seek

The moment again.

Sometimes big white cloud-boats sailed

Sometimes darkening hounds bayed

Over the mountains.

 Clouds became pregnant with rains;

Particles of rains blurred our views

Soon they fell all around

Over the hills and dales, woods and rivers.

At intervals morning Sun greeted 

The snow covered peeks with its golden rays

And the silvery heads

Of the mountain held their sway;

We snapped them before they were faded

But next moment they became more accurate,

Swaying from side to side, the glorious peaks

Challenged the beauty of each other,

Each next moment differed from the earlier

Keeping us away from the best, forever.

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