Dr. Adel Mahel Alawfi

 Ph.D. (Education)


Learning Disabilities also referred to as (LDs) are very common despite their variations in preference estimates, which are highly dependent on the definition and the nature of the applied diagnostic approach. This study undertakes a comparative analysis of the educational support systems for people with learning disabilities in Australia and Saudi Arabia. Apparently, it can be heart wrecking trying to address the challenges presented by people with LDs. This is especially considering that LDs are life-long problems that can neither be treated nor fixed. Fortunately, with the right interventions and support systems, children with the learning disabilities have the potential to succeed in school and after school lives. Considering that Australia and Saudi Arabia are at different stages of development, the support systems may be varied as well. Although there are different support systems, this paper has primarily focused on three supportive approaches that are applicable in the two countries. Firstly, it has looked at the supportive rules, Acts, and policies. Secondly, the study has also undertaken a comparative analysis of the supportive education systems and teachers in the two countries. Finally, there is a discussion of the supportive government funding.

Key Words: Learning Disabilities, Australia, Education, Saudi Arabia, Comparative Study.