Post-Publication Suggestions

Publishing a research paper in a journal is not the end of the road. You need to be sure that your research work reaches out to thousands of other researchers.  Citations of your paper at various platforms will present you as a good researcher in the scholarly world.

To make your presence felt in the scholarly world and to increase the visibility of your research work, we advise you to take a few steps like:

1. Get registered and share your published research paper at below websites

A)  Zenodo    

B)  Research Gate  -  

C)  Academia Edu  -

2. Spread your research work among your colleagues and juniors. Email the article link directly from the article Abstract page.

3. Share your article on various social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Research Gate, Google Scholar, and LinkedIn.

4. Update your CV, your institution website and anywhere else your publications are listed.

Kindly  share your research work with the right audience.  Sharing your research paper as per suggestions will increase the visibility of your work and researchers will get benefited from it all over the world and you will enhance your chances to have your name established in the scholarly world.