Washback Effect of EFL Teacher-Made Test on Teaching-Learning Process of Communicative English Skills Course at Ambo University

  • Metages Gebeyehu Alebachew Lecturer Department of English Language and Literature Fiche University, Oromia, Ethiopia
  • Motuma Hirpassa Minda Assistant Professor Department of English Language and Literature Ambo University, Oromia, Ethiopia


Prompted by the problem the effects of washback, this study was mainly intended to evaluate the washback effect of EFL teacher-made tests/examination on teaching-learning process of Communicative English Skills at Ambo University.  Specifically, it examined the influence of the examination on the domains of teaching and learning.  It further explored mediating factors of wash back on teachers and students’ practices.  To this end, the data were collected from three years (2008, 2009, 2010 E.C.) communicative English skills course teachers’ made examinations through document analysis method.  Supplemental data were also collected from EFL teachers and English major students respectively using interview and questionnaire.  Both teachers and the students were selected on the bases of randomly sapling techniques.  The study employed mixed methods to analyze and interpret the results of the study.  The findings of the study reveal that teacher‑made examination affected the domains of teaching-learning process negatively.  This means it affects students’ learning attitudes, motivations, and readiness in leaning some components of the materials, and experience in taking examination, practice in using the learning materials and methods in general.  Some components of the course, such as writing and listening, were not included in the final examination of the course.  As a result, students were influenced to give more time for the work of previous examination questions rather than studying the materials.  Based on the findings of the study, teachers are recommended to set examination questions from the contents of the materials they used to teach the components of the course and give equal emphasis for all the components of the language during teaching-learning process and assessment.  As the committee members usually set the examinations, the teaching material choice should be amended to align the contents of the examination questions with the contents in the teaching materials.

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Alebachew, M. G., & Minda, M. (2019). Washback Effect of EFL Teacher-Made Test on Teaching-Learning Process of Communicative English Skills Course at Ambo University. IJOHMN (International Journal Online of Humanities), 5(6), 29. https://doi.org/10.24113/ijohmn.v5i6.146