Identity Crisis of Lyndall in Schreiner’s The Story of an African Farm


  • Dr. Ramesh Prasad Adhikary Assistant Professor, Tribhuwan University, Mahendra Multiple Campus, Nepalgunj, Nepal



Identity, Colonialism, Dislocation, Postcolonialism, Feminism.


In this research paper, the researcher explores how the female identity was in crisis in the colonized Africa. Olive Schreiner’s The Story of an African Farm is taken as a primary text to explore the exploitation of colonizers by interpreting it with the tool of postcolonial literary theory. African farm owners were displaced from their farm landscape by the colonizers. As a result, the farm workers have to face the problem of identity crisis. Englishmen were responsible for bringing Africans identity crisis. They struggle to establish their identity on the Karoo farmland. The main victims were women whose identity is determined in relation to the place. Their placelessness represents their identity crisis in the Karoo farm landscape. Women’s identity is connecting with the place. As a qualitative research, the researcher has extensively presents the crisis of identity of female in their own land when the colonizers seized their land.



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