Imposition of Civilization by Depriving Livelihood and Vanishing Ethnicity of Tribal’s People

  • V. Padmanaban Assistant Professor, Bharath University Chennai, India.


This research article exerts the origin, turmoil, anguish and lamentation of the Dakotas and Sioux nations and to retrieve their lands and to preserve their ethnicity and the demises of their predecessors at Wounded Knee massacre and superseded unwritten literature and history of Dakotas and massacre in at the start of fourteenth century and devastation of livelihood of the indigenous people and the cruelty of American Federal government still lingers in their mind. Treaty conserved indigenous people’s lands but Dakotas had been forced off their homelands due to the anti-Indian legislation, poverty and federal Indian – white American policy. The whites had no more regard for or perceiving the native peoples’ culture and political status as considered by Jefferson’s epoch. And this article exposes collecting bones and Indian words, delayed justices, inter- state issues and ignorance, racism and  imperialism and the struggles of the Dakotas, whose future filled with uncertainty by reality and lose of  land and cattle over the recent past centuries.


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Author Biography

V. Padmanaban, Assistant Professor, Bharath University Chennai, India.

Mr. V.Padmanaban has been working as Assistant Professor of English at Bharath University Chennai -73  since 2014 onward teaching English literature and spoken English both arts and engineering students. He is a research scholar in American Literature and has published various articles on the culture and life style of the Native Americans.


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