Peer reviewed policy

Peer-Review Policy

The policy to adopt peer review is to ensure that only good quality research work is published. The purpose of the peer review process is to make sure that the manuscript is of the standard quality. When a Manuscript is submitted to IJOHMN that is process to a double-blind peer review process to fulfilling the basic requisite determined by our protocol. All submitted manuscripts are read by the editorial staff. We select only those research papers that meet our scope for publication are sent for peer review.


Double Blind Review

IJOHMN follow the double-blind review process. In the double-blind peer review process, author and reviewer do not know each other.  Peer review process helps the publishing organization to choose research work for publication, accepted with improvements/modifications, or rejected. In the peer-reviewed process, the decision to publish a manuscript is the prerogative of a journal editor or the journal’s editorial board.