About the Journal

Publishing schedule

International Journal Online of Humanities (IJOHMN) is a bi-monthly journal. All manuscripts accepted for publication in IJOHMN journal are published to the online journal after acceptance and receipt of Article Processing Charge (APC)

Revenue Sources (Publication Model ) 

IHOHMN operates as an Open Access journal, dedicated to facilitating the dissemination of academic research without barriers. As an independent journal, IHOHMN does not receive any financial grants or funding from external organizations. To sustain its operations and maintain the quality of publications, IHOHMN employs an Article Processing Charge (APC) model.

Key Points:

  • Author-Funded Publication: IHOHMN relies exclusively on author fees to cover its operational costs. These fees are levied only if a submitted manuscript successfully meets the predetermined benchmarks and quality standards.
  • Quality Assurance: The imposition of APC does not compromise the stringent quality standards maintained by IHOHMN. Each manuscript undergoes a thorough peer review process, ensuring the publication of high-quality research.
  • Transparent Process: Author(s) are requested to pay the publication fee in conjunction with the Acceptance Letter, once their work meets the journal's criteria for publication.
  • Acceptance Letter and APC Details: The Decision on manuscript acceptance is independent of any financial considerations.

  • Expense Coverage: The Article Processing Charge (APC) plays a vital role in covering various publication-related expenses, including administrative costs, peer review processes, publication workflows, online publication, website hosting, and online security measures to safeguard against potential threats like virus attacks.

  • Publication Timelines: It's important to note that authors who pay fees should not expect expedited publication as a result. IHOHMN remains committed to maintaining rigorous quality standards, and the review and publication processes are not curtailed to expedite any submission.

Authors and researchers are encouraged to visit the Call for Paper link on our website for detailed information on Article Processing Fees.

Statement for no Charges for Manuscript Acceptance 

We want to state that the "International Journal of Humanities (IJOHMN) does not charge for the acceptance of a manuscript." Fees are only considered after completing a thorough Double Blind Review process, ensuring fairness and unbiased evaluation.

Ownership Statement

International Journal Online of Humanities (IJOHMN) is published by SMART MOVES publications, Bhopal, M.P., India. SMART MOVES (organisation name) is a registered organisation in Madhya Pradesh, India. Smart Moves is a publishing house that was established in the year 2012. Mr Rajeev Tiwari (name of a person) is the proprietor/owner of Smart Moves. SMART MOVES is a for-profit publishing organisation.


Please find the link to our publisher's website SMART MOVES

Smart Moves is publishing research papers in order to enable online platforms to reach the international research fraternity. Smart Moves also publishes books in both formats, ebooks and print mode.

We are publishing four open-access online journals Please find details below-  





IJOHMN Website

Our website is audited bi-annually, checking for non-functioning links, misspellings, grammatical errors, and content accuracy. Additionally, IJOHMN authors and readers are encouraged to report any website errors or inaccuracies, which are promptly evaluated and corrected as needed.

Publication Software

We are publishing our journal by using the Open Journal Systems (OJS). OJS is an open-source solution for managing and publishing scholarly journals online.

Article-Level Metrics

Article-level metrics provide a whole range of measures that can provide how many times a particular manuscript has been downloaded.  This can be found below the abstract of the published paper.

Paperbuzz Plugin

To check article-level metrics IJOHMN has installed Paperbuzz Plugin on the abstract page.

Paperbuzz is a free and open service built by ImpactStory with PKP’s support. It takes the complex data collected by Crossref Event Data and calculates metrics for every article that has a digital object identifier (DOI) registered with Crossref.

What is Crossref Event Data?

Crossref Event Data is a service that tracks events on the Web like bookmarks, links, shares, etc. whenever the event is connected to Crossref metadata. At this point, Crossref Event Data is collecting data from the following sources: Crossref linksDataCite links, Hypothes.is,  Newsfeed, The Lens, Plaudit, Reddit, Reddit Links, StackExchange, Twitter, Web, Wikipedia, WordPress.com.