Patriarchy, Oppression and Illegal Migration in Leila Lalami's Collection of Short Stories “Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits”


  • Messaoudi Walid Ph.D. Amman University Amman, Jordan



Patriarchy, Oppression, Illegal Migration, Arab Community.


This paper generally will discuss the concepts of patriarchy, oppression and illegal migration in Leila Lalami's collection of short stories Hope and Other Dangerous pursuit. So basically, patriarchy is the dominance of male over female in which this relation of power over one gender towards the other results this kind of oppression. Thus, this paper, in a way, will theorize this concept and its relation to oppression within the Arab world. Also, illegal migration as a tool of oppression for those who illegally migrate in particular and then, for their parents and relatives in general. The discussion on this concept will be within the scope of Moroccan encounter with globalization or third world confrontation with the west.


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