Female Depression Through Symbolism: A Study on the Selected Poems of Adrienne Rich


  • Md. Jahidul Azad PhD (Fellow), Assistant Professor, Department of English Prime University, Bangladesh Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh




This paper talks about Adrienne Rich’s support and standing with the women through her selected poems. The paper discusses the depression of women because of male dominance. Rich uses symbolism to display women depression. She also tries to clear the position of woman in the society. The research demonstrates the position of women through psychoanalysis, social problems and female point of view. This paper also tries to identify Rich’s view on feminism. Adrienne Rich has highlighted the hard reality in her writings. This paper also clarifies Adrienne Rich’s thinking or point view regarding feminism and sexuality. Her experiences regarding the depression of women are displayed here through symbolism. Thus the focal point of the paper is to show how Adrienne Rich shows female depression through symbolism.


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