Consciousness Binds Consciousness Releases


  • Aju Mukhopadhyay Poet, Critic and Author, India



Consciousness is one which pervades the whole existence; from material to vital and mental world and beyond. Not only mind or its awareness, nor matter nor senses alone; every being, everything is replete with consciousness. Consciousness as an element may rise high above that psychological stratum to which we give the name of mentality. There is a superconscient stage as well as subconscient. Endowed with mind man is most miserable as he cannot avoid fear and anxiety but he has no clue to control his miseries. The human being is used to collective consciousness which safely guides animals without a tormenting mind but it pulls man down. Collective thought, collective suggestions are formidable influences which act constantly on individual thought with mixture of obscurities and unconsciousness. One needs to be established on his individuality.  


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