Paulo Coelho as an Optimistic Writer


  • Basri Sattar M.A English , B.Ed, Professor in Punjab College Vehari, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Javaid Anwar M.A English, M.A Education, B.Ed E.S.E (Science-Math),Govt. of Punjab Education Department, Vehari, Pakistan



The basic motive of this research paper is to investigate Paulo Coelho as an optimistic writer through his writings. In this regard researchers use subjective study in which they put their opinions about Coelho’s optimistic ideas with the reference of his writings. The researchers select three novels in this way such as, “The Alchemist”, “The Fifth Mountain” and “Brida”. The researchers used all these novels as primary sources in this research paper. The researchers depict Coelho’s attitude, views, opinions and vision about his characters through his writing style. The researchers interpret Coelho’s optimism on the basis of existentialism philosophy.


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