J. C. Bose’s Scientific Inventions Confirmed the Truth of Consciousness


  • Aju Mukhopadhyay Poet, Critic and Author, India




J. C. Bose, Truth of Consciousness, Father of Radio Science


A world leader in telecommunications, Bose was a significant figure behind the creation of  modern radio and sonic technology. In 1896 his work was commemorated by IEEE  as the oldest  "milestone achievement" from Asia. In 1997 the Institute of Electrical and Electronic

Engineers  of America named Bose as a “Father of Radio Science.” Royal Society of England was  impressed by a research paper of Bose on electro-magnetic waves and they honoured him with  a Degree of Doctorate in Science. He was knighted in 1917, and made a Fellow of the Royal  Society in 1920 (the first Indian to become a fellow for science as opposed to mathematics).  


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