Story Around the Wonderful World of Corals


  • Aju Mukhopadhyay Poet, Critic and Author, India



Corals are special to our lives; they give us when alive as well as on their death. Corals are at the centre of biodiversity. Many solid elements allow us to stand, sit on or sleep on. Earth is the most common but we may rest on sand hill, mountain top or tree. Corals provide us the same solid base to stand on as earth when it dies. When it lives it gives shelter, protection and food to many living things. Coral reefs offer multiple benefits to people and the economy - providing food, sustaining livelihoods, supporting tourism, protecting coasts, and even helping to prevent diseases. India has many coral coasts and coral areas. Lakshadweep is the largest among them. The coral reef in and around Lakshadweep has fascinated us. A travel in the remote islands and visit among the corals was an unique experience. The article deals with all aspects of coral kingdom including the islands. Not only facts and figures, it tells the story of travel and more; what happened on the way and in between; adventurous from the beginning to the end. 


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