July’s People: A Reversed Anticipation and Prediction of the Future Black Domination


  • Hassiba Alloune Department of English University of Jordan Amman, Jordan




Power, Protection, Deconstruction, Black, White, and Parody.


Nadine Gordimer’s July’s People, is a good example of a contemporary novel that reverses the so-called naturel division between black and white people. As a matter of fact, black nation holds power and protection, which they lacked in time of the Apartheid system because it was on the hands of their controversialists -white people. This novel seems to be a prophecy of the decline of this arbitrary system that meant the declined of white people’s privileged life that went from the sub-urban to a non?suburban life. From Derrida’s theory of deconstruction, the reality of white people becomes upside down due to their color, origins and their presence in Africa. Therefore, they lost their position, their wealth, and at worse their power


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