What are the Problems for Students in Writing the First Research Paper in a Second Language?

  • Muhammad Javed M.A English literature GC University Faisalabad Pakistan


In this paper, I have mentioned the problems faced by students in writing the first research paper and solution of these problems. There are a lot of students who have the ability to write the research paper, but due to the lack of guidance and not familiar with the format and the process of writing a research paper, they are unable to write this type of academic work. So I have mentioned in this study the different types of problems and their solution. In this paper, I deal with lots of problems but major problems are eight. The first thing I deal in this study is the problem in selecting the research topic, what type of topic can be selected at the student level? And how can choose a topic? Secondly, how to write the introduction? And problems in writing the introduction. Thirdly, problems in writing the literature review and rules of writing the literature review, fourthly the format of a research paper. Second language problem which is a major problem in writing a research paper; students are much worried to face this problem. The fifty percent students of second language having problems in writing the research papers. I have mentioned the problem of plagiarism, paraphrase and the starting point of a research paper. I have collected the data from universities. I have organized two tests in order to collect the data. This study will be very helpful for the beginner researchers.

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