Preparing the Child for Productive Life


  • Stella Baindu Fortune Senior Lecturer, Eastern Polytechnic Education Department, Kenema, Sierra Leone



The nature of children's development is greatly influenced by the environmental conditions in which they are brought up. The amount of social stimulation which they receive is of particular importance, and even if physical conditions are adequate, an unstimulating environment which provides with little opportunity or need to experiment or solve problems will result in low level of achievement. Perhaps the most important aspect of the child's social development is beyond the reach of the teacher. For the first very important aspect of the child's development lies in the home. Genetic endowment and cultural level of the family, coupled with the actual physical conditions of the home will have decisive effect on the child's development and will continue to influence him throughout his school life. These factors are inaccessible to be influenced by the teacher but it is as well for him to have them in mind in his dealings with pupils. In addition, he will need to know how he may most effectively change his pupils along the lives he considers to be the most appropriate. That is, he will seek out the most efficient ways of getting pupils learn for productive life in future. The topic under review will be approached from various fronts which include; The Sociological and Philosophical models; role of the school; Learners' responsibility; role of the teacher; discipline and learner control; role of the parent; guidance and counseling services and conclusion.



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