Gender Identity in Toni Morrison’s Tar Baby

  • Ahmed Seif Eddine Nefnouf Ph,D candidate Literary Studies/ Szeged University Szeged, Hungary, Europe
Keywords: blacks, whites, racism, identity


In this paper, I am going to conduct a feminist reading of Tar Baby by using feminist theory. We are going to look at the issues of gender identity according to feminist’s ideologies and principles in term of oppression against black in general and black women specifically. In addition to that, we are going to use one of the main principles of feminism, which is the patriarchy system between gender and origin. This analysis based on the actions, thoughts and behaviors of the major characters in Toni Morrison’s Tar Baby to gain their identity, also to understand the nature of gender inequality and examining women's social roles, experience and interests

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Nefnouf, A. S. E. (2019). Gender Identity in Toni Morrison’s Tar Baby. IJOHMN (International Journal Online of Humanities), 5(3), 14.